HeaderBondedThe Bonded Seal is a simple pressure gasket which provides a leakproof seal against water, gases, oils and a wide range of other fluids. They have many applications but are particularly suitable for screw connections, pipe joints, hose couplings etc.

We offer washers made from Mild Steel and from Stainless Steel and we can supply them with either a Nitrile sealing lip or a Fluorocarbon sealing lip.

Nitrile has a temperature range of – 40°C to + 100°C and is the most popular general purpose material resistant to mineral oils, water, hot air and many chemicals.

Fluorocarbon has a temperature range of – 25°C to + 200°C and is for applications involving higher operating temperatures or for more aggressive solvents and chemicals.

We supply washers for both metric and imperial fittings so please contact us for more details.

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