SealXpress are able to offer the following Hydraulic Seals in both Imperial & Metric. Those readily available include:

  • Double Acting Piston Seals for both one piece and split piston’s.
  • Single Acting Rod/Piston Seals
  • Composite Seals / Step Seals for Rod or Piston application’s
  • Wiper Seals
  • Cup Seals
  • U Seals


Five part piston seals with wear Rings
Four part piston seals with wear Rings
Three part piston seals with wear Rings
Piston Composite Seals
Piston Composites with Square Energiser
Piston T-seals
Piston Rotary Composite Seals
Piston Stepped Composites
Piston Cup Seals
Piston Chevron V packs
Piston Working U Rings
Piston working Bearing Rings phenolic, Acetal, Glass Filled.


Rubber & Fabric single Acting Rod Seals
Rod working polyurethane U rings
Rod working Chevron V Packs
Twin Sets
Rod composite Seals
Rod Rotary composite Seals
Rod Stepped composite Seals
Rod Wiper composite Seals
Light Duty Wiper seals
Medium Duty Wiper Seals
Heavy Duty wiper Seals
Nylon Y Clip Wipers
Metal Cased Wipers
Rod working bearing Rings: Phenolic, Acetal & Glass Seals.



If you require a price and delivery, please contact us on:

Phone: 0121 544 4440

Email: sales@sealxpress.co.uk