Rotary Shaft Seals are used to seal rotating machine elements against media from the inside and/or contamination from the outside environment. We have 3 basic types of rotary shaft seal, the first is the A’ type and this incorporates a rubber outer casing and ensures excellent static sealing.

The B’ type carries a metal outer casing and effects a firm and precise fit into the seal housing. Finally the C’ type gives the B’ type additional rigidity by means of a metal insert, making it more suitable for difficult and hostile conditions.

All the above seal types are available with a secondry dust lip which is used to avoid the entry of dust and dirt. We also offer a high pressure version of the A style with also carries a secondry dust lip.

We offer two standard materials from stock and these are Nitrile and Fluorocarbon (typical trade name VITON).

We offer more non-standard materials so please contact us for more information about our rotary shaft seal capabilities.

If you require a price and delivery, please contact us on:

 Phone: 0121 544 4440

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