HeaderV ringsThe standard V-Ring is an axial face seal manufactured purely from elastomer without any metal or fabric reinforcement. V-Rings are used as a single seal to protect against the contamination of dirt, dust, water, grease and oil etc. They are also used as a secondry seal to protect main rotary sealing elements which protect the bearings of heavy duty machinery.

The sealing lip slides on a mating surface at a right angle to the shaft. These rings rotate with the shaft and seal axially against a stationary counterface. The counterface could be the bearing, a washer, stamping, bearing housing or even the metal casing of a shaft seal. The flexible lip of the V-Ring provides adequate sealing even if the application suffers considerable end play and shaft misalignment.

V-Rings can be stretched and installed over flanges, shafts and bearing housings without the need for dismantling.

We offer the 4 most standard types of V-Rings and these are the VA, VS, VE and the VL types.


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